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We strive to provide your dogs with a safe and positive experience while they have to be away from home. We hand select play groups based on size and temperament so that their interactions with other dogs is safe and satisfying.

We want to make their experience as pleasurable as possible so that their time away from you is less stressful for them. We ask that you bring a blanket or bed that smells like home for their kennel so that they have a familiar smell in hopes that it helps relieve some stress and help them settle in more quickly.

We also ask that you bring their own food so that we don’t put unnecessary stress on their gastro-intestinal tract during a time when they are adjusting to the other changes in their normal routine and environment. You are welcome to bring along a chew toy for their down time as well.

A Special Thanks to my Personal and Professional Mentors for all of their wisdom, encouragement and advice over the years.

Boarding and Daycare Schedule

Your doggie’s day begins at 6:00am for a morning potty and play session. Around 7:00am they are offered breakfast.

From 7:00-9:00am Pick Up and Drop Off will be happening.

Then at 9:00 am Group Playtime starts again. The dogs will have supervised playtime until noon.

From 12:00-2:00pm they will be offered lunch and have the opportunity to take a nap.

Then at 2:00 pm Group playtime starts again. They will have supervised play until 4:00pm. Around 4:00 pm they will be offered dinner.

From 4:00-6:00 pm Pick Up and Drop Off will be happening.

Dogs that are here for a sleepover will then start group play again around 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Then will be offered a snack before bed, then tucked in for the night.

Important News

Feeding Schedule - We feed the dogs four small meals a day when they are here. Since they are very active during much of the day when they are here, we want to make sure that we don’t have them out playing when they have a full tummy. Please remember to pack extra food for your doggies. They will likely need a little more to eat during their stay due to the increase in activity.

Group Playtime - During your dogs stay with us, they will be evaluated for group play. If they are good with other dogs they will be allowed to spend the bulk of their day playing with their new doggie friends.

Group Play is observed by the staff and any inappropriate play is interrupted. Because dogs will sometimes be dogs, there is the potential for puncture wounds to occur. We strive to never have that happen but on rare occasions it does.

During Group Play your dog has direct contact with other doggies. And just like when sending kids off to daycare/school or around the holidays when we spend time with groups of people and stress our immune systems a bit more than normal due to sleeping less and being on the go more……germs can be shared. On occasion we can have dogs expose other dogs to upper respiratory viruses. On occasion some dogs will get diarrhea due to the increase in activity that their bodies aren’t accustomed to and the change in schedule.

What you can do - We ask you to do your part by feeding a high quality diet to support a healthy immune system. We ask that you keep your dogs up to date on their monthly parasite prevention. We ask that you keep your dogs up to date on vaccinations – but to do your research and avoid unnecessary vaccinations and avoid over-vaccinating. Vaccines have a place in our dog’s healthcare but are not the final answer in preventing disease. Building a strong immune system and a healthy body will greatly impact your dog’s health for the better.

Visit for a list of quality foods.